We discover the best online personal loans granted by Crediter, which is part of the Crediter Group. First of all, we will start by demonstrating the most advantageous loans with the relative calculation of the installment and the interest rate.

Later, we will try to report the opinions of the users of this Bank and the financing proposals that, in this period, are made available as, in particular, the one called In Novo, those aimed at retirees, at Start- new businesses Up is even the special option of the Cession of the Fifth. Let’s start with the first argument about personal loans.

AEL Government Agency Personal Loans: installment rate and calculation

Before making any financing, it is advisable to get a clear idea of ​​what, later on, will be paid by the bank or credit institution. As regards Crediter, it is possible to proceed with the calculation of the installment completely online thanks to the Crediter Group’s web address.

In fact, on the main screen you can immediately notice the possibility of doing this very quickly and easily. If, precisely, you want to know the result in preview, it is good to click on the button on the right of the home page.

The next link is the one of the simulation section called Preventivator. It is therefore necessary to fill in the two forms with some information. You must enter the amount you wish to request, the repayment duration you prefer and the reason why you decided to borrow this sum.

And finally, in the second form we will go on to state what is the net monthly income that we perceive and our age. In the case, then, that it is desired, it is also possible to specify by ticking if you also want to add an insurance on the personal loan that you intend to request.

With Government Agency it will also be possible to request the AEL Dynamic Pension Loan, which has an agreement with the institution’s pensioners. Making a calculation of the installment, it is easily discovered that, in the case of a 70-year-old pensioner, it will be possible to obtain a loan of 15,000 euros with repayment in 120 monthly installments of 200 euros each. The subsidized rate is 7.67% according to the latest calculations, certainly in line with the market.

AEL Loan In Novo: budget

Now, let’s talk about what is called AEL Loan In Novo. It is good to investigate this kind of financing precisely because it is able to personalize the loan so as to meet everyone’s needs.

There are two advantageous options called Flexi and Reload respectively. As regards the first, it is possible to suspend the payment of the installment, postponing up to 3 consecutive installments within the year for a maximum of three times in the life of the loan.

This option requires a one-off 30 euro charge, regardless of the number of suspended installments and the acceptance of this request is at the Bank’s complete discretion. Instead, Reload offers other special offers.

In fact, after six months from the signing of the personal loan, it is possible to learn, at any time, how much additional credit could be obtained without particular formalities. You can know this amount by contacting your manager or by consulting the message box box located in the private area of ​​the official website.

Calculating a hypothetical estimate, we discover the result for a 30-year-old person who wants to request 10,000 euros, repay them in 36 monthly installments and earn an income of 1,200 euros. In this case, the monthly payment amount would be 305 euros with a fixed tan of 4.99% and a taeg of 6.35%.

Opinions on AEL Loans

It is useful to know the opinions of users both for the Bank itself and for an applicant who wants to start using the services. Today, in fact, one can get an idea not only through the most limiting word of mouth, but also by consulting Web pages.

We report, then, some reviews that can better reflect the impressions of the applicants who have had experiences with the AEL Bank. The evaluation system, in addition to its own personal notes, is that of the five stars. In this case, on average, we can say that a 4-star rating has been given.

An Internet user writes: “After three years of engagement, my girlfriend has permanently moved in, but we need a new room. We are looking for the best loan and this of AEL seemed to us ideal for a contained expense like ours “.

Another comment with these textual words: “I went to one of the AEL branches to apply for a loan. They are really very available: they took my request into detail, managing to suggest the best product. Luckily there is still someone who listens to us! ”

AEL Retired Loans

The AEL Bank makes a special option available to the retired category that it can surely do in their case. We are talking about the AEL Pensione Dinamica loan. The latter is really interesting and perhaps the best among the loans for AEL pensioners and is based precisely on the Fifth Assignment of the monthly pension.

But what are the precise characteristics of this offer? First of all, the maximum amount that can be requested from the Bank is 90,000 euros and the financing can be included in the time frame between 24 and 120 months.

Furthermore, it should be pointed out that the AEL Dinosaur Loan can be terminated in advance either totally or partially with some indemnities that must be considered. In the event that at the end of the amortization schedule there was more than one year left, it would be 1% and 0.5% of the residual capital in the event that less than a year was left to the end of the loan.

However, if the residual debt is less than or equal to 10,000 euros, no kind of commission can be envisaged. Finally, to apply for funding, you must go to the accredited AEL branch, showing a valid ID and with the pension slip and the tax code of the future beneficiary of the loan.

AEL Enterprise and Start Up loans

The funding called AEL Revolution Imprese is a kind of financing that is certainly useful and convenient for all those who are deciding to venture into a Start-up or who are already dealing with a Company right now.

It can certainly be considered as revolutionary and designed specifically for businesses and is also very flexible with amounts up to a maximum of 200,000 euros. In fact, it is possible to modify it according to one’s own needs and even the repayment duration is interesting, since one can choose from 6 to 120 months, at the complete discretion of the applicant.

Moreover, this type of financing also allows you to decide whether to make the loan with a fixed or variable rate and to access the credit is very easy and fast, in fact it takes just a few steps to instruct the practice. But it’s not over here.

In fact, the aforementioned loan also gives the possibility to plan in advance the economic commitment that is desired thanks to the programmed depreciation service. As previously stated, it is possible to calculate the budget, but, if you prefer, you can also make an appointment with the nearest branch directly from the official site which has a special section for searching the AEL Bank adjacent to the own city.

AEL Transfer of the Fifth Social Institute and Individuals

The Sale of the Fifth Social Institute of AEL is a type of personal loan which can be accessed by individuals and pensioners. What are the features? First of all, the repayment of the installment takes place with direct deduction on the pension or from the monthly salary of the private individual.

But, in effect, it really involves many other advantages that should be treated in the next lines. First of all, we can safely say that it is compatible with other forms of financing that are already active when the Cession of the Fifth is requested with Social Institute or Government Agency through AEL.

Furthermore, it does not imply the obligation to open a current account with the Bank in question, making it certainly much lighter and without constraints. Another possibility that certainly must be considered when applying for a loan is the fact that there are fixed or variable rates.

Well, actually with the Cession of the Fifth Social Institute-Government Agency you can rest assured that the interest rates are fixed and that the installments remain constant for the entire duration of the loan. Let’s try, then, to clarify, to put a practical example on paper.

We therefore assume that an applicant decides to take advantage of this special financing option. The consumer may need a sum of € 24,000 to carry out his own project as could be the restructuring of a part of the house.

Then, he opts for a repayment duration of 120 monthly payments and the consequent installment would amount precisely to 200 euros. Thus, the fixed tan which, therefore, remains unchanged for the duration of the loan, would have a percentage of 7.41% and the TAEG, instead, of 7.84%. Ultimately, the total amount of the credit would be € 16,798.3 and the total cost of the credit would be equal to the sum of € 7,201.7.