Agricultural insurance & digital payments: The challenges of digitizing payments in rural Senegal – Senegal


This case study presents the lessons learned from a digital transformation project in the field of index insurance, undertaken by the National Agricultural Insurance Company of Senegal (CNASS) with the support of the World Food Program and Sofrecom.

Digital payment solutions, especially those offered by mobile money and money transfer operators, play a major role in the development and success of agricultural insurance products. The digitization of payments offers significant benefits to stakeholders providing insurance solutions, including: the security and facilitation of payment procedures; saving time for processing and reporting payments; reduced operating costs; optimization of resources; and an improved customer experience.

The success of digital solutions in rural areas largely depends on the capacity of the models designed to meet the needs of stakeholders in the agricultural world and adapt to their constraints. This case study presents the challenges and lessons learned on the digitization of payments in rural areas of Senegal, drawn from a digital transformation project undertaken by the Compagnie Nationale d’Assurance Agricole du Senegal (CNASS) with the support of the Program. Alimentaire Mondial and Sofrecom, a consulting and engineering firm with recognized expertise in the telecommunications and digital financial services (DFS) sectors. Since 2012, WFP and CNAAS have been helping smallholder farmers in rural Senegal access index insurance solutions under the R4 Rural Resilience Initiative.

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