Best Online Payday Loan Companies for Instant & Same-Day Loans | Guaranteed Loan Approval with No Credit Check [2021]

Financial hitches seem to always creep up on you when your cash flow is less than favorable. So much so that it’s almost like they can sense dwindling savings. Thankfully, online payday loan companies can cover you during those emergencies. They do this by giving you the financial float you need before getting your next paycheck.

Now, numerous online payday loan companies have popped up because of how common these unpredictable financial snafus are. Unfortunately, not all of them can cater to your specific difficulty. In fact, some of these solutions are either unreliable or can lead you into even more financial challenges if you’re not careful.

There are alternatives to these online payday loan companies. For example, you should shoot for loans from banks to sort out your situation. But, these usually have stringent requirements that you need to meet to be eligible. Because payday loans are more suited for emergencies, they’re perfect if you’re looking for something that you can get approval for within a day or two. Loans from traditional financial institutions, however, will most likely take more time than you’d like to waste, defeating the purpose.

As such, it might not exactly be the best idea to shun online payday loan companies entirely. Instead, it would suit you better to try to filter between the good and the bad and move on with your life easily. This will require hours of research into various determining factors. Such factors include the companies’ customer feedback, years of experience, and other such intricate details.

But, we completely understand that you’re pressed for time at the moment. Luckily for you, we’ve done all the groundwork and created a list of the best online payday loan companies. So, you hardly need to bother yourself about that. The major thing you need to know is how to decide which lender will give you the best service. And even in that regard, we’ve got you covered. In essence, all you need is to keep reading, and you’ll have the answers you need in no time.

Top 4 Online Payday Loan Companies

  1. Money Mutual – Overall Best Online Payday Loan Direct Lender
  2. Bad Credit Loans – Top Choice for Quick Loans Online
  3. Cash USA – Loan Companies Online for Instant Cash Advance
  4. Personal Loans – Ensures Guaranteed Approval of Same Day Cash Loans Online

Best Online Payday Loan Companies

#1. Money Mutual –Overall Best Online Payday Loan Direct Lender

There are many online money lenders in the market, and Money Mutual decided to carve its niche from this. Instead of offering the loans, the company provides a marketplace to match borrowers with potential lenders.

Established in 2010, MoneyMutual exists to take care of approximately 40% of Americans who find it difficult to fund emergencies. Said emergencies could be anything from medical bills to car repairs and even essential bills like groceries, gas, and rent.

MoneyMutual is in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance. This alliance is more of a regulatory authority that ensures its members conduct their business per federal law. It also gets its members to use best practices to ensure clients get the best possible services.

MoneyMutual understands that choosing a loan provider that provides the best rates can be tricky, particularly when your head is preoccupied with an emergency. As such, they have partnered with some reliable lenders. So, you can effectively skip the choosing process. What happens is that the borrower fills a short application form, which takes about 5 minutes to complete.

After turning in your application form, MoneyMutual will redirect you to an interested lender’s website. There, you can access the lender’s terms and conditions. If the conditions are favorable to you, you can complete the application. If you get approval, you can then receive your funds within 24 hours or so.

Like any other financial solution provider, MoneyMutual has basic requirements that potential borrowers must meet. First, the borrower must be an 18+ US citizen and resident. They must also be employed with a monthly income of at least $800. They should also have an active checking account. If you meet all these, you should be able to access loans from $250 to $5,000, depending on your work history.


  • Access to a wide range of lenders: Because of the number of online lenders available on the marketplace, borrowers have a higher chance of getting a loan option. Every lender has its criteria for accepting borrower applications, which increases the chances of getting lender approval.
  • Variety of loan options: Besides the instant loans, Money Mutual offers installment loans, payday advances, short-term loans, cash advances, personal loans, etc.
  • Consider borrowers with bad credit: A bad credit score can be limiting, especially when borrowing from a regular financial solutions provider. Money Mutual gives a chance to people of all credit scores to access loans.
  • Return customers don’t have to keep filling the application form: Money Mutual’s website remembers all your content from past applications. You get to bypass the application process, and you will be rerouted to a lender’s website as soon as they confirm your identity.


  • Short loan application form
  • No application fee required
  • Loan approval in a matter of minutes
  • Access to loans of up to $5000 in 24 hours
  • Access to multiple reliable lenders at once
  • Member of the Online Leaders Alliance


  • No standard loan terms and conditions
  • Delayed loan releases on non-working days
  • Higher APR than regular loans

⇒Visit the official website of Money Mutual

#2. Bad Credit Loans – Top Choice for Quick Loans Online


Bad Credit Loans is also an online marketplace for lenders. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that state and tribal lenders collaborated to establish the brand. Having been founded in 1998, the company is one of the longest-serving financial solutions providers to date. Nevada-based Chief LLC owns the company.

As the company’s name suggests, Bad Credit Loans is an equal opportunity lender for all ranges of credit scores. The only caveat is that the loans offered may be a tad more expensive for borrowers with low credit because of their increased risk.

The entire loan application process happens online and starts with an application form to fill in your personal and financial details. You will get a list of lenders depending on the information you provide. You can study each of their terms and find which ones are favorable for you. Once done, you can proceed to complete a more in-depth application with your chosen lender and await approval.

It’s important to note that Bad Credit Loans can’t guarantee that you will get pre-approved for the loan. Even after pre-approval, they still can’t guarantee that your chosen lender will give the final loan approval.

There are a few essential requirements that you need to fulfill before you start. First, you need to be a US Citizen or a permanent US resident. You have to be 18 years and above, have a regular source of income, have an active checking account, and provide valid contact information.

The lenders provide loans of up to $10,000 at rates ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%. Depending on the amount you borrow, you can choose the amount of time you’d need to repay it, typically between 3 months to 72 months.

In the unfortunate scenario that you don’t get any offers from lenders, Bad Credit Loans will provide ads for alternative forms of emergency funding, e.g., for utilities or car payments.


  • Financial education: Bad Credit Loans’ website has dedicated an entire website for financial education. This includes how to ensure your information is secure, tips on how to get out of bad debt, and ways of making better financial decisions. They truly want to be a part of a positive financial journey for their clients.
  • Easy application process: There are three basic steps to finishing your application. The good thing is that you get multiple lender options, which gives you autonomy of choice on who you want to borrow from.
  • Access to both tribal and state loans: This makes the marketplace inclusive to everyone. The partnership also allows borrowers with bad credit scores to get access to loans.
  • Focus on data security: Bad Credit Loans emphasizes data security and privacy. The amount of data you share on the platform could put you at risk. The company that understands that and makes an effort to ensure your information is protected.


  • Up to $10,000 loans
  • You get several lender options to choose from
  • Flexible loan repayment time depending on the amount you borrow
  • Get financial tips as you borrow
  • Get alternative financial solutions if your application is rejected
  • Money deposited electronically into checking account


  • Tribal loans attract more payment rates than typical payday loans
  • Bad Credit Loans isn’t responsible for the lenders

⇒Visit the official website of Bad Credit Loans

#3. Cash USA – Loan Companies Online for Instant Cash Advance


Asking for money can be embarrassing, especially if you’re borrowing from friends and family. Moving from one office to the next with a loan application seems like a tedious experience.

Applying for a loan from the comfort of your home can be such a life-saver. Cash USA is yet another lender marketplace that doesn’t discriminate against bad credit scores. The company’s HQ is in Las Vegas, Nevada, and its main aim is to offer a short and seamless loan application process.

The company’s auto-repayment feature is also a big plus. When you’re applying for a loan, you will have to provide your checking account number. So, when the due date arrives, the lender can automatically deduct the loan repayment amount from the account.

The company is big on information security, primarily because of borrowers’ sensitive information shared on the site. The company uses industry-standard 256-bit SSL protection to secure client data.

You can borrow between $500 and $10,000. The APR ranges from 5.99% to 35.99%. Aside from the typical requirements, e.g., legal age and being a permanent US resident, you need to have a regular income of about $1,000 monthly to be legible for the loans.

Money aside, Cash USA also has an educational segment filled with financial management articles to ensure all the info you need to make better financial decisions. The application process begins with an easy-to-fill application form.

After filling, Cash USA matches you with a lender whose terms sync with your credit score and needs. Regardless of what comes, you can study the form and either accept or reject the lender. In fact, you can choose to restart the process to get matched with another lender with better terms.


  • Access to alternative financing options: This happens if you don’t get a lender with requirements you can live with. All isn’t lost; you can get other forms of loans to cover your emergency.
  • Loan auto-repayment: Instead of making payments manually every payment cycle, Cash USA has an option to allow your lender to withdraw the payment amount directly from your checking account. All you have to do is ensure that the checking account contains the correct amount to prevent being hit with late payment fees.
  • Data protection: You can feel safe knowing that the data you provide is only used to help you get financial assistance. The information you provide is protected using industry-standard protection methods.


  • Access to financing within 24 hours
  • Easy to apply and repay with the auto repayment feature
  • Access to educational resources on finance issues
  • Get clearly defined loan repayment conditions
  • Thousands of people have gotten help from the website
  • Funds are directly deposited to your checking account


  • Loan approval isn’t guaranteed
  • You can only apply from the website; there’s no mobile app

⇒Visit the official website of Cash USA

#4. Personal Loans – Ensures Guaranteed Approval of Same Day Cash Loans Online


Although Personal Loans also connects lenders with borrowers, the company’s difference comes in the segmentation of loans. You can get financial assistance in different categories through personal Loans, e.g., you can choose a debt consolidation loan, credit repair, or a car repair loan. Their office is located in Roosevelt, Utah.

Personal Loans are also different in that, other than the lenders that have partnered with them, the company can share limited borrower information to third-party lenders if you don’t get approval. This is done in a bid to increase your chance of getting a loan. There’s also a possibility of a lender offering you less than the amount you’re applying for.

Here, you can submit a loan application of between $1000 and $35000, which is a more significant range than the other marketplaces are offering. You’ll start with a short application form, which could then lead to you being matched with a potential lender.

The repayment time ranges between 3 months and 72 months with an APR of about 5.99% and 35.99%. This rate depends on your credit score, your job, repayment history, and where you’re located. Personal Loans prefers borrowers with a good credit score.

Your loan APR rises as your credit score reduces. Both your potential lender and Personal Loans could look into your finances to ensure you’re eligible for the loan. The good thing is that once the lender approves your application, they can deposit the loan into your checking account within 24 hours.

To raise your odds of getting approval, you will either need to be a US citizen or a permanent resident. You also need to provide a social security number and an active checking account.

The minimum age limit for loan applications is 18 years, and you’ll need to prove that you work regularly. Personal Loans has different loan packages, each with a base income requirement and a minimum monthly income requirement from $580.

The lenders may require bank statements for the last three months to gauge your ability to repay the loan. Your credit score plays an important role, but even with a bad credit score, you can get co-signers to help you apply for a loan.


  • Get a loan to cater to a specific task: With Personal Loans, you can apply for a specified loan. You have multiple options, including emergency bills, vacations, special occasions, etc.
  • Increased loan amount: Most payday loan lenders offer small amounts of money, but with Personal Loans, you can get a bigger loan amount between $1000 and $35000. Larger loan amounts can help solve a problem without you needing even more loans.
  • Access third-party lenders: Personal Loans has partnered with other lenders to ensure that you still have an option even if their regular lenders can’t offer you a loan. This gives hope, especially to borrowers whose credit score is lower than the minimum requirement.


  • Mobile-accessible application channels
  • Personalized loans to cater to financial needs
  • Get your loan within a business day
  • Access third party lenders
  • They have several channels to access their customer service


  • Emphasis on a good credit score
  • The lenders may need to investigate your credit history

⇒Visit the official website of Personal Loans

How We Made This List

The first thing we did was to scour the Internet for popular online payday lenders and create a comprehensive list of as many as we could find. Once that was done, we started eliminating based on the lenders’ best practices, the kind of loans they give, and whether they give amounts that would help get you out of a jam.

We then filtered those left on the list by service variety, experience, customer reviews, and satisfaction. At the end of the elimination process, we had only the four best online payday loan providers in the US. But, if you’re still curious, here are the specific details of what we looked for while creating our compilation.

What We Looked For

  • Professionalism: First, we checked how professional the companies are in terms of website layout, customer support, and service packaging. Additionally, we looked for efficiency in services. We ensured that the companies we chose didn’t have long waiting periods and redundant processes.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer reviews tell a lot about a company. So we scoured the Internet for what former customers are saying about their services. We checked what the companies are doing that makes them stand out from the rest. The length of a company’s existence in the market is also a pretty good indicator of customer satisfaction. How? A business without new and returning customers will not stand the test of time. It’s that simple.
  • Transparency: How transparent are the company’s products and services? Do they have a visible interest rate range that is comparable to other excellent loan providers? We also checked whether the companies list their partners. Sometimes lenders don’t mention the companies they work with because they’re shady. Finally, we checked for signs of complaints of hidden costs and fees?
  • Information Security: We eliminated some of these companies simply because they weren’t keen on protecting customer data. You see, getting a loan requires that you trust a lender with vital information that would put you at risk of identity theft. Knowing this, we eliminated companies that haven’t secured their websites and taken steps such as using standard encryption practices on their website. We also investigated whether the lenders share your information with third parties.

Buying Guide: What to Consider Before Choosing an Instant Payday Loan Company

The best payday loan companies offer ways to cover your financial needs before your next paycheck. Like any other loan, online payday loans can be risky for both borrowers and lenders. These lenders take a chance on people of all credit scores, which increases the risk of not getting their money back.

Borrowers also take a high risk of trusting lenders with sensitive information like checking account numbers, social security numbers, and place of residence. This can be dangerous, especially if this information lands in the wrong hands. So how do you ensure you’re borrowing from the right company? This is what to look out for:

Establishing credibility is vital in that a company can earn the trust of its clients. Working with a credible brand enables clients to have a sense of security, mainly regarding financial matters. How do you establish the credibility of an online payday loan provider?

First, study their website. How professional is it? How much conscious effort have they put into making sure that it looks well put together? A credible loan company will have a “terms of service” segment, a clear data privacy policy, a customer service segment, and a clear “About Us” section.

Second, check the company’s partners. Do you know who they are? What is their reputation? Ensure that the company you choose has partnered with big-name companies. This way, you know that they are at least working with trustworthy brands.

Third, are they regulated? In the US, loan providers have to be regulated by bodies and laws such as the Consumer Credit Acts of 1974 and 2006, The Office of Fair Trading, and the Financial Conduct Authority. Some lenders choose to bypass this using the Tribal Land option, which will exempt you from federal protection. Regardless, and at the very least, your preferred company should also be a part of an alliance, e.g., the Online Loan Alliance (OLA).

How long has the lender/organization been in the industry? Lenders who have been in the market long portray stability. They also know how to handle their customers and the products that work for their clients’ best. Experience could also mean that they are well regulated and follow the correct channels, especially when it comes to matters regarding the law.

  • Are they Customer-centric?

Is the lender making an effort to help you get to a good place financially? Do they offer advice? Are there articles helping you with educational content to help you?

The lender should have working avenues to reach customer support. They should have a telephone number, an email address, and physical office locations where you can reach them. There should also be a section where the company addresses the everyday worries that customers face. This also shows that they listen to their customers.

Check out the basic terms they put in place. What are the repayment terms? Check out the repayment time frames, interest rates, and the amount of information you have to share to get the loan. Does the data required sound invasive? Also, check what happens when you can’t repay a loan, is there a grace period offered to borrowers?

Do the lenders offer different product options to cater to different clients? Some clients just need a small amount to fix their car. Others need considerable amounts to consolidate their credit. What are the repayment options?

Some of these marketplaces have offers from different lenders, and then you can choose the lender that works for you best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do online payday loans work?

An online payday loan is usually short-term, typically due in two weeks or a month that is usually borrowed to get you out of a financially tough spot. These loans are generally available through lender websites and mobile apps. The loan providers are mostly partnerships between lenders or companies and formal financial institutions to provide customized loans.

These loans usually have an interest rate with a higher interest rate than the average loans ranging from 5.99% to 35.99%. They are more like emergency loans. These loan providers usually cater to borrowers of a low credit score, especially those that would have difficulty meeting the requirements of a regular loan from a bank or other formal financial solutions providers.

For online payday loans, you can get loans from as little as $500 to $35,000. Borrowers can then choose when to repay the amount and how the money will get to the lender. Gracious lenders can even offer you a roll-over option if you don’t get the repayment amount when the time elapses. These roll-over options are usually limited, and you may only get two.

Q2. How can you get an online payday loan?

The first step required to access an online payday loan is access to the Internet. There are many online payday loan providers in the market today, and you should be careful about which one you choose.

The loans usually require you to fill in a short form that provides vital information for the lenders considering you. The next step is being matched to a lender whose products fit your needs.

Payday loans have different requirements. The basic requirements are related to age, income, and residency restrictions. In the case of online marketplaces, the partner lenders may have their own, more stringent requirements so that they can gauge whether you can repay the loan.

The lender could either approve you or not. Once they do approve you, they’ll likely provide you with the funds in less than a day conveniently into your checking account. The repayment process is typically easy, and you can even choose to have the deductions done from your checking account once the repayment term reaches.

Q3. Are online payday loans legal?

There is a thin line between the legality and the illegality of online payday loans. There are several ways of determining whether the lender you’re trying to use is on the right side of the line. First, payday loans are illegal in some states. Even in states where they’re legal, the companies need a license to practice. There are single-state and multi-state licenses, and, as a potential borrower, you need to be vigilant in your research.

There are many payday loan lenders in the digital space and what they do is ensure that their headquarters are located in states where they’re unregulated. Several federal regulatory bodies ensure that lenders do not burden loan consumers with unnaturally high interest rates, hidden fees, and abusive debt collection practices.

Bodies/organizations like the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Office of Fair Trading, and the Financial Conduct Authority perform these tasks. Many state and federal laws protect you as a borrower to ensure that companies do not take advantage of you.

The line is thin because you as a borrower may not know the laws and policies that protect you, and some unlawful online payday loan providers may skirt these laws.

Q4. How can you verify that an online payday loan company is legit?

There are red flags that are easy to identify when trying to gauge whether a company is legit. First, ensure that they are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. Look at the website URL. A company with safety in mind will have “https” in its URL.

Second, ensure that there is a lock before the website’s URL in case “https” is absent. If the lock looks broken, then you should be suspicious. Are they mentioning any data protection practices? If so, read the fine print to ensure they detail what information they protect and how.

The website should also look well-thought-out and well presented. Professionalism is a crucial factor in legitimate companies. How do they advertise their products? If a lending company is offering you an extended grace period before you need to repay the loan, think twice.

What are their contact details, and where is the company hosted? Do they have jurisdiction in your state? Google the company and read their reviews. You’d be surprised at what past customers can reveal.

You can go even further and have a look at the company on Better Business Bureau (BBB). This bureau uses different criteria to grade organizations’ trustworthiness and legitimacy.

Q5. Can online payday loans garnish your wages?

A lender can garnish your wages, but this is under the condition that you have failed to repay your loan, and they take you to court and win. A court can grant the lender a court order, which they’d then present to your employer. This way, your employer can legally withhold a part of your wages and send them to your debtors directly.

Please note that some lenders may threaten you with this course of action despite not having a court of order. These threats aren’t actionable. Ensure to contact your lender for alternative methods once you realize that you may not be able to repay your loan on time. Contacting them will at least prevent you from getting a court summon. You should also appear in court once summoned so that the judge can hear your side of the story.

It’s important to note that your lender can’t contact your employer directly to request a garnish of wages. Also, your employer isn’t obliged to garnish your wages without a court order. However, if it ever happens, be sure to contact your lawyer for legal advice.

Final Thoughts

We have established that getting an online payday loan is beneficial and risky. As such, it is essential to check out other avenues before deciding on this line of action. It’s also an excellent idea to figure out what issue or problem you’re financing. This is important because you really don’t want to get a loan for one purpose and then begin using it for another.

A bad credit score doesn’t mean you’ve lost it all. You can get back on track with the correct financial management practices. If your lender offers free financial advice, take the opportunity. You can also gradually learn how to manage your finances better by reading the articles provided to you by these lender websites.

Choosing the best online payday loan company is also essential. Ensure that you don’t get so wrapped up in financial distress that any loan will do despite stringent requirements and loopholes in your agreement. Ensure you research your lender,

There are other avenues you can try out before going the payday loan way. First, you can try alternative employment means, side hustles, taking up extra jobs, etc. But if you’re okay with the loan repayment terms, and the lender is credible, why not?

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