Cardano launches Africa Blockchain incubator with 9 integrated projects

ByRichard C. Sloan

Apr 13, 2022

Input Output, the parent organization of the Cardano blockchain, has launched an incubator program, dubbed Ariob, with the aim of growing the Cardano ecosystem.

Under this program, a number of projects will be chosen to join a support program that will run throughout the first half of 2022. The program offers services aimed at realizing creative potential, testing ideas and using prototypes to find the best product.

Ariob will also help connect projects with educational institutions, government organizations, NGOs and local businesses.

So far, the following 9 projects have been included in the program:

1. Led

DirectEd is developing a solution to facilitate scholarships for students in low-income countries using the transparency, peer-to-peer, and smart contract capabilities of blockchain technology to reduce costs and eliminate corruption.

Many talented students lack the financial means to fulfill their potential, but philanthropists may be hesitant to donate for two reasons:

  • First, they cannot ensure that the money will go directly to the student, and
  • Second, attaching conditions to donations to ensure funds are used for the intended purpose is costly

DirectEd solves these problems by providing a transparent, secure, and inexpensive way to make conditional peer-to-peer donations directly to students.

2. CheCha

This is a USD digital voucher system to address the small change crisis in Zimbabwe. CheCha acts as a trusted third party between customers and suppliers to facilitate micro loans.

Sellers can join partner networks allowing loan redemption within their closed-loop system and with the introduction of $ADA wallets, user-to-user transfers are now possible.

Furthermore, the platform will also become the first commonly recognized liquidity market between fiat and crypto in the country.


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3. CanuckCrypto Ekival

A blockchain-based escrow service that allows users to apply the Hawala system to their money transfers. Hawala is a money transfer system, in which money is paid to an agent who then asks a remote associate to pay the final recipient.

Ekival displays location-based accumulations of value (liquidity pools in the case of money transfer) that users based in other locations can pledge to acquire on behalf of recipients.

4. Savings financing

A decentralized, trustless savings system governed, maintained and upgraded by $THRIFT token holders.

Thrift aims to create a more accessible and efficient financial system for Africa through smart contracts.

5. Delivery chain

DeliveryChain wants to disrupt the centralized postal industry with a blockchain-based peer-to-peer solution.

The aim is to enable cheaper, faster and more reliable parcel delivery across Africa.

6. HippoCrades

A decentralized healthcare information exchange that uses blockchain to enable the transmission of information between healthcare systems without compromising security and privacy.

HippoCrades also provides health modules and APIs for developers to build Web3-ready decentralized health applications.


Building a web3 microcredit solution that empowers Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora, AMA’s vision is for a more inclusive economy and society through blockchain technology.

8. African Blockchain Center for Developers (ABCD)

A talent ecosystem that seeks to mentor Africans and provide opportunities to build breakthrough projects.

ABCD’s activities aim to bridge the skills gap for developers by providing learning opportunities and acting as a bridge between qualified people and potential customers.

9. Waya Collective

Waya Collective is building a network of decentralized companies to find a new balance in global manufacturing. The current practice of centralized production, combined with long and complex supply chains, is increasingly difficult for everyone involved.

The Waya Collective aims to provide Africa-focused producers with access to loans, know-how and a network of reliable partners in a decentralized way.

Ariob Incubator was launched in partnership with iceaddis, a pan-African business incubator and accelerator based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


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