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March 14, 2022

In addition to waiving many fees, TPBank Biz e-banking’s comprehensive digital solutions also bring convenience and ease of operation to customers, allowing businesses to easily transact anytime, anywhere right on your phone. mobile at lightning speed.

The 4th wave of Covid-19 has caused companies to suffer many and serious consequences, stagnation of production, rupture of supply chains, labor shortages… Comments on the “health” of companies in 2022 , many experts recommend that the business world faces a sharp decline in operating scale and financial difficulties. What solution to help companies both reduce costs and maintain production and business operations while ensuring distance to prevent and control the epidemic is a question that interests many companies.

Faced with this situation, digital payment tools – online transactions with many support packages and tariff incentives deployed by Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank (TPBank) have become an effective financial tool for businesses.

With TPBank Biz – an online banking app for business, businesses can easily handle and experience smoothly and consistently across all devices, from computers to mobile phones or tablets. All ordinary transactions such as deposit account, payment, money transfer and term deposit up to sending requests for issue, change of guarantee, payment of L/C… can be easily done anywhere 24/7 without going directly to the bank.

Understanding financial difficulties and business hurdles, TPBank is currently free from up to 30 types of fees when customers transact on the app, this number equals 70% of the total fees charged by the bank. This product is being rolled out and can save businesses hundreds of millions of dong in 1 year.

As a customer using TPBank’s services for many years, Nguyen Khanh – Director of Hanoi Tourism Company shared that although he had tried many other digital banking apps before, it was only when he used TPBank Biz, I just feel satisfied.

“Personally, when using TPBank Biz, the accountants of the company and I are very satisfied. The information on the application is clear, no frills and easy to use, much better than other banks’ applications .In times of epidemic, convenient and fast TPBank’s online transaction features have supported my business a lot.In particular, TPBank waives many fees for customers, especially online money transfer fees Khanh added.

Notably, TPBank is one of the few banks in Vietnam currently applying Open API – a method to link business applications to the bank’s application to exchange data in online banking transactions. death. With this feature, TPBank enables businesses to transfer data to the bank directly on their system, helping customers reduce many steps when transferring money to partners. Businesses can easily send single or bulk money transfers directly to the bank without having to add an order creation step on the TPBank Biz app like before.

Khanh added that this is also a feature he is very happy with when using TPBank’s services, which is both easy to implement and helps him maximize his time.

Mr. Khuc Van Hoa, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Corporate Banking Division of TPBank, said TPBank’s comprehensive digital solutions and preferential rates will help improve operational efficiency and save money. time, better cash flow management, thus bringing better benefits in terms of profits and business opportunities for companies.

TPBank has been the bank of the digital age and is the only bank in the market to have built a unique and different digital ecosystem, outperforming every year, up to several years, compared to other banks. It can be said that TPBank’s comprehensive digitization solutions have helped companies to minimize their operating costs, increase their financial “health” to firmly overcome the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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