CryptGain introduces attractive margin loans to account holders

LONDON, January 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Opportunities in the digital asset market seem to be popping up more frequently than ever recently. As a result, the popularity of derivatives, enabling faster and shorter-term actions in this market, has also increased. With this in mind, the industry leading brand CryptGain announced an attractive new margin plan for all account holders. Brand Platform users can find more details and register for accounts on the Brand website and this change is effective immediately.

“We know that margin is a key part of today’s online financial routine,” CryptGain spokesperson Georgina Skarginef explained, “and with that in mind, we’re updating our margin policy, making it even more attractive to our clients. We are always on the lookout for ways to improve the access we provide to the full potential of digital assets these days. We place great emphasis on margin in this sense. , as a tool that can give our customers more freedom to really explore the market.

A reliable brand by your side

With the introduction of online businesses based on derivatives of digital assets several years ago, competition between brands over customers has become intense. That said, CryptGain has managed to remain a leading force in this industry since its founding. Margin lending is seen by many as a tool that, when used carefully, can help uncover new opportunities.

“Customer satisfaction has always been our number one goal,” Skarginef added. “We know that in today’s environment, digital asset enthusiasts cannot truly thrive without the notion of margins, and that is why we are emphasizing this aspect.”

About CryptGain

Established in the midst of the digital token revolution, CryptGain is now a key player among online financial services brands. This digital asset brokerage provides its clients with mechanisms that promise a fast, simple and secure experience when approaching the markets. the account type selection currently consists of three options: Silver, Gold and VIP. All account holders benefit from the mentioned margin advantage. As for other features, such as seminars and portfolio managers, access depends on the size of the account chosen. All customers, whether account holders or not, have full access to support services which are granted through several means of communication, such as email, direct message system and chat widget on the site.

SOURCE CryptGain