Fifa urged to tighten rules on money super-agents earn from transfers | Soccer Agents

ByRichard C. Sloan

Jan 25, 2022

FIFA is expected to toughen its proposed rules on intermediaries to limit the money earned by super-agents, the influential Council of Europe announced on Wednesday.

A cap on the amount agents can make in any transaction and the service fees they can charge are among the ideas to be pushed, alongside the creation of a solidarity system that would lead to a filtering of the money from Europe’s biggest clubs to smaller leagues. and teams.

The recommendations are part of a report by the council’s culture, science, education and media committee on football governance which, if adopted, would mean the council would broadly approve the new rules while by setting absolute limits on the money an agent can earn on any deal. Fifa is trying to implement its reforms in the face of fierce opposition from top agents.

Lord Foulkes, who sits on the committee, will make the proposals on Wednesday, in the presence of Fifa President Gianni Infantino, during a session of the council’s parliamentary assembly. Foulkes will be very critical of the current system. A preliminary version of the report to be presented to the assembly said that the transfer market, despite its “fundamental importance” for football, had created a mechanism where “huge sums circulate between elite clubs in a solipsistic economy limited circulation of resources”. ”.

In his report, Foulkes argues that the need for agents to have “fair and reasonable” incomes must go hand in hand with “avoiding conflicts of interest, protecting players, avoiding pressures towards contractual instability and preventing abusive, excessive and speculative practices”.

Therefore, he writes, “I believe we must insist that all commissions and fees paid to agents be capped, recorded, disclosed and monitored.”

This would include capping the absolute amount payable to an agent acting on behalf of a selling club, with a suggested limit of $10m (£7.4m).

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While the report broadly supports Fifa’s transfer reforms, it criticizes the governing body in other areas, calling for biennial World Cup plans to be scrapped. The report also affirms continued opposition to the idea of ​​a European Super League and calls for greater protection of the safety and rights of minors in the game.

The Council of Europe is an international organization made up of 47 member states, including the United Kingdom, which exists to uphold “human rights, democracy and the rule of law”. If the report submitted by Foulkes is approved by the parliamentary assembly, and a subsequent vote by a council of ministers, member governments will have to push for its implementation.

Fifa is seeking responses from across the game on the third version of its proposed reforms, with comments expected to continue until the end of the month. He remains hopeful of implementing the rules this year. The Football Forum, an organization set up by agents Mino Raiola, Jorge Mendes and Jonathan Barnett to “implement and develop the best professional football agency practices”, spoke out against the reforms. He was approached by the Guardian for comment.