We see all the features of the € 35,000 loan, comparing the terms of the loans offered by some of the major companies. We will present you the online quote with calculation of the installment for the best payday loans currently in circulation, so that you can easily identify the solution that is right for you.

Loan from 35000 euros: quote and online payment calculation for the best payday loans

If you are looking for a € 35,000 payday loan, there is no shortage of interesting solutions. Specifically in this article we will deal with the non-purpose loans, ie those that can be obtained without any proof of expenditure, which means that the customer can use the amount that will be offered as it sees fit. The best thing to do when looking for the best € 35,000 payday loan is surely to compare the quotes offered by the best lenders. In the next paragraphs we will therefore present estimates calculated online for the amount we are considering, so as to allow comparing the expected monthly repayment rate and the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates.

Hypocredit payday loan 35000 euros: quote with installment calculation for each duration

The first credit institution that offers its customers the possibility of receiving a 35,000 euro payday loan is Hypocredit. To immediately know your repayment rate and the interest rates applied by the company, all you have to do is connect to the financial website. To perform the calculation of the installment you will not even have to register on the site and you will just have to follow the guided procedure that will allow you to start the simulation. The first information to enter will be the monthly installment of your choice, between 50 euros and 1000 euros. Next we will be asked for the project we intend to carry out with the 35,000 euros we need, and finally we will obviously have to specify the amount we want to borrow. We calculated the online budget for a payday loan of 35,000 euros for the purchase of a new car. The following table shows the repayment rate and the Tan and Taeg interest rates for each of the available durations.

30 months 1.301,90 euros 8.67 9.02
36 months 1,107.70 euros 8.67 9.02
42 months 969.20 euros 8.67 9.02
48 months 865.50 euros 8.66 9.02
54 months 785.10 euros 8.67 9.02
60 months 721.00 euros 8.67 9.02
66 months 668.70 euros 8.67 9.02
72 months 625.20 euros 8.67 9.02
78 months 588.60 euros 8.67 9.02
84 months 557.30 euros 8.67 9.02
96 months 506.80 euros 8.67 9.02

With the 35000 euro funding offered by Hypocredit we will have the possibility to choose the duration of our repayment plan starting from a minimum of 30 months up to a maximum of 96 months. As always we remind you that if from the point of view of the installment it is easy to move towards a greater number of months, at the same time as the duration increases, the cost for interest increases. In this case, however, since it is a € 35,000 payday loan, it may be plausible to choose a repayment in 96 months. The monthly payment in this case is in fact equal to 506.80 euros and the interest rates will be a Tan 8.67% and a Taeg 9.02%.

€ 35,000 Small Loan: online payment calculation and interest rates applied by MyCredity

Another excellent loan that we can request to receive an amount of € 35,000 is the Small Loan. This product, offered by MyCredity, allows us to receive up to 50000 euros, with the possibility of choosing a duration ranging from 12 months to 84 months. After making the estimate calculation in a few simple clicks, we will be able to proceed immediately with the request for a payday loan of € 35,000 online, all in total security. For the calculation of the online estimate for the Small Loan, the project to be carried out will not be required, so all we will have to specify will be the desired amount and the duration of the repayment plan. Let’s see what are the repayment installments that we can fix and what the relative interest rates applied by MyCredity.

12 months 3,035.70 euros 7.45 8.95
18 months 2,061.14 euros 7.45 8.57
24 months 1,574.19 euros 7.45 8.58
30 months 1,282.29 euros 7.45 8.42
36 months 1,087.91 euros 7.45 8.31
42 months 949.26 euros 7.45 8.23
48 months 845.45 euros 7.45 8.17
54 months 764.84 euros 7.45 8,12
60 months 700.50 euros 7.45 8.08
66 months 647.97 euros 7.45 8.05
72 months 604.31 euros 7.45 8.02
78 months 567.46 euros 7.45 8.00
84 months 535.98 euros 7.45 7.98

As can be seen from the table above, in this case the duration that we can set starts from a minimum of only 12 months. In any case, this is a difficult solution, given that the monthly payment will be € 3,035.70, which is therefore very high. For an amount of 35000 euros it is always better to choose a rather long duration, in order to fix repayment installments within our reach. In the case of the € 35,000 Small Loan, the lightest installment is that of a 84-month repayment plan: in this case we will have a monthly payment of € 535.98, with 7.45% Tan interest rates and Taeg 7.98%.

Bankate loan € 35,000: better repayment plans

Another great product that you can choose if you are looking for a € 35,000 payday loan is the one offered by Bankate. To carry out the loan simulation and calculate the free online quote, in this case it is necessary to insert some additional information with respect to what has been seen so far. In particular we will have to specify the purpose of our 35000 euro payday loan, and therefore the project we want to achieve. Furthermore we will request the work activity we carry out and our date of birth. This means that based on our personal data we will be able to obtain a definitely more detailed estimate, given that, as we know, the interest rates applied also depend on the age of the applicant and the economic guarantees that we are able to offer the company. So let’s see an example of a quote for a 50-year-old public employee interested in buying a 35,000-euro car.

24 months € 1,607.01 9.50 12,15
36 months 1,121.15 euros 9.50 11.45
48 months 879.31 euros 9.50 11,10
60 months 735.07 euros 9.50 10.88
72 months 639.61 euros 9.50 10.74
84 months 572.04 euros 9.50 10,64
96 months 521.88 euros 9.50 10,56
108 months 483.33 euros 9.50 10,50
120 months 452.89 euros 9.50 10.45

Compared to the forms of financing that we have seen so far this is the one that allows us to postpone our debt more. The maximum duration we can choose for an Bankate loan of € 35,000 is in fact 120 months. In this case the monthly installments are the lightest ever, given that they will be equal to only 452.89 euros, while the interest rates applied will be a 9.50% Tan and a 10.45% Taeg. So if the main feature you are looking for in the payday loan you want to request is to have installments read then the payday loan offered by Bankate is probably the best solution currently in circulation.