ByRichard C. Sloan

Apr 17, 2022

THE National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) Mobile App will make it easier for 3.63 million Simpan SSPN borrowers and 5.28 million depositors nationwide as it integrates all its facilities into one platform .

According to the Managing Director of PTPTN, Ahmad Dasuki Abdul Majid, the myPTPTN app was launched recently on the occasion of the company’s silver jubilee and aims to further accelerate the national digitization plan, in line with the fifth section of the plan. 2021-2025 strategy of the company.

With the app, users could run PTPTN services anytime, anywhere.

“Customers would no longer need to be physically present at the counters, as they would only need to download the app, which would also save them time and money, as they would be able to access the facilities of the PTPTN anytime, 24/7.

“Any questions about PTPTN facilities related to payments, savings and loan application can be asked through single sign-on (SSO),” he said in an interview recently.

Ahmad Dasuki said the focus is on the customer experience and more importantly that the user journey (while using the app) is smooth without compromising security .

Users have the option to download the app through Google Play Store, App Store and also Huawei AppGallery, through which they can register and verify their account with their own ID card, email verification and phone number. phone when registering.

To further enhance security, electronic identity verification such as Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) will be used.

Ahmad Dasuki believes that the launch of the mobile app is timely as people are more tech-savvy these days.

“myPTPTN is a lifestyle app that will be updated with more value-added facilities based on customers’ wishes and needs, as well as integrating the latest technologies.

“(Services rendered) with myPTPTN are rendered more easily, quickly and securely,” he said.

While it shares a similar experience to the website, he said, before the myPTPTN app, most installations would require customers to visit a branch or call its customer service, which could force them to wait for a representative.

“Now with the mobile app, you not only save time, but it’s also immediately available at your fingertips,” he said.

He added that the myPTPTN app is suitable for people aged 18 to 64, through which customers can open their own Simpan SSPN account through the app, check Simpan SSPN statements and account balance details for Simpan SSPN Plus. and Simpan SSPN Prime.

Meanwhile, the app would also allow customers to request loan repayment and Simpan SSPN savings deposits through payroll deductions, direct debits and direct debits.

He said those who would like updates on their current loan repayment balance can also view the app and download debt settlement letters.

Users will be able to update information such as mobile number, email address, postal address, login phrase and favorite accounts immediately and with available push notifications customers are instantly in the know updates and campaigns and all credited installments will be notified monthly through the app.

Additionally, he added, for a limited time, only borrowers will have access to two incentives operating simultaneously, namely the Government Grant Incentive Discounts in Budget 2022 and the Klik-Klik Je! Campaign.

The myPTPTN Klik-Klik I! The campaign provides a chance for 25 users to win prizes worth RM250,000, winners will be chosen based on their app activity by downloading the myPTPTN app, making loan repayments, depositing savings on their account and even by activating salary or direct deductions. debit for loan repayment or Simpan SSPN savings.

To participate, simply download the app, activate your account on the app (register and verify your details) and use its facilities to get rewarded by June 15.

Meanwhile, under the government’s PTPTN initiative, borrowers who repay their loans in full are eligible for a 15% discount on their outstanding balance in the first category.

Those who pay off at least 50% of their remaining debt in one installment will receive a 12% discount by April 30.

On top of that, an additional 10% will be given to those who sign up for payroll deduction or direct debit options for payments.

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