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Have you ever managed to make such an easy loan? Every day hundreds of people are looking for an easy loan, a loan without bureaucracy and also without consulting the SPC and Spartoe, but is there really the concession of this type of operation with facilities and with more favorable conditions? There is, but only for employees of public agencies, for retirees and pensioners of INSS and private companies agreed.

Easy Loan?

And taking advantage of this fact, bandits and stealers offer “quick and easy money”, “money without bureaucracy”, “loan without consultation”, of any amount on the same day. Whatever you want they do, just access the Internet or open the newspapers of the day on the classified pages that you can find a gigantic number of ads offering “loans without any kind of bureaucracy”, with very high values ​​(from 5 thousand, 10 thousand, 50 thousand, 100 thousand and so on), the way the customer wants.

Loans totally without consultation to the SPC and to Spartoe, with very low-interest rates, (almost for free), with facilities to take the breath for you to take the money borrowed. Anyway! Millions of “benefits” at will. It is in this propitious environment that the easy loan scam occurs.

The need sometimes is so great that all this fantasy developed by the thieves seems to be true, and for a few minutes of the day, vision, malice, intelligence, reasoning and conscience escape, making a normal person of judgment fall into the financial blow oldest we know.

To start the vast majority of these ads do not have phones of their own state when they indicate the phone, are cell phones or Vésper (current FREE of Embratel), in the latter case, it is an unidentifiable phone, the numbers seem to be fixed but are mobile phones.

When falling in this blow the person will have two expenses: first – of the infinite calls for long distance. Second – the person will borrow money at work, with friends, family, girlfriend, in the yearning to pay such a bail rate, guarantor, insurance or administrative fee and the cumulus of stick face (IOF rate), every scammer invents one, only then will the person supposedly get the easy loan requested.

Seriously, have you seen any financial or bank provide guarantor and charge rate of 5 to 10% to borrow money if you are rightly applying for the loan for being in need of money because having to pay any kind of fee?

The person arranges the money of the fee somehow, and deposits the amount requested by the steward in a bank account informed by the supposed “company”, usually a personal account, if it were a legitimate transaction the deposit would have to be in a company account, to curry you they say it is the guarantor and do not raise suspicion.

After that you will never see your money again, the easy loan, easy money, or anything easy, you will not be able to speak the number anymore, and if you can be rude or badly educated with you, forget any attempt to recover the amount deposited as frustration, anger and despair.

This sad chapter in the lives of many unsuspecting people is regrettable, this happens every day, and there are still many people falling and others taking advantage of financial turmoil and the despair of others to simply take advantage. Stay tuned!

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