Report: Eduard Atuesta to be transferred to Palmeiras

Eduard Atuesta was linked with Brazilian club Palmeiras several months ago, but it looks like the LAFC midfielder will indeed return to South America. Articles in the Colombian press first revealed the story, and while the deal does not appear to be done yet, ESPN has confirmed that talks are underway, both in Brazil and in the United States. The transfer fee appears to be as high as $ 7 million, according to Jeff Carlisle.

Soon after,’s Tom Bogert declared the costs would be $ 4 million, so it would likely be the base fee, up to a maximum of $ 7 million.

Atuesta, 24, has been with LAFC for most of the past four seasons, joining the 2018 Independent Medellin campaign for a few weeks. He was an MLS Best XI selection in 2019 and was vice-captain when Carlos Vela was not in roster. Arguably Atuesta’s injury-scarred 2021 campaign helped doom the LAFC season as the influential two-way midfielder missed several vital games as the team missed the playoffs for the first time in its history.

Palmeiras has just won his second straight Copa Libertadores title, so Atuesta could do worse than move to the Brazilian. It also means that there is a possibility that Palmeiras, winning cash prizes and transfer fees for one or two key players, actually have the money to make this move. And for Atuesta, entering the South American mainland competition could help him put him in the showcase even more, to hopefully move to Europe after a year or two.

A transfer fee of $ 4 million to $ 7 million would be a nice financial return for LAFC and help show that they can bring in talent to sell them for a profit on a regular basis, which they are clearly trying to do. On the other hand, I think it was expected to be sold direct to Europe and it doesn’t seem imminent, and maybe more importantly, replacing Atuesta is going to be very difficult in the formation of LAFC. I guess Francisco Ginella will probably be the next starter, but Atuesta was one of the very few best players in his position for four full years in MLS, and although Ginella can become a great starter in her own right. , at best there will be growing pains along the way.

So we’ll see what happens, it’s not a done deal, but given that credible sources in three countries, including the United States, are reporting it, it’s likely on the bridge to arrive before long. We will keep you posted on developments.

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