Steward Bank’s domestic USD remittance service is well received by customers

The Chronicle

STEWARD Bank, which launched a US dollar money transfer service late last year, says the service has been well received and is already offering safe and convenient money transfers across the country.

The money transfer service, called StewardRemit, enables real-time US dollar money transfers across the country for Steward Bank account holders and non-account holders.

“The service has been well received and is already helping thousands of customers send and receive money to and from family and friends across the country,” Steward Bank Managing Director Mr. Courage Mashavave said.

“For us, convenience and the ability for our customers and the general public to send and receive money securely is at the heart of why we have introduced this service,” he said. declared.

He reiterated that the local money transfer service would help better serve the bank’s customers by expanding the choice of products and services offered by the bank – the largest local bank by account holders.

“For Steward Bank, the National Money Transfer Service will provide our customers with a great choice of services from the many packages we offer, ensuring that our customers enjoy the convenience of doing so many things ‘under one roof'”, Mashavave said.

StewardRemit offers convenience aligned with the bank’s strategy to expand digital financial inclusion for all Zimbabweans.

The local money transfer service is secure, fast and easy to use for sending US dollar money anywhere in the country, with recipients collecting US dollars from the bank’s branch network nationwide.

StewardRemit complements the mobile payment services that characterize Steward Bank’s transition to fully digital banking.

Explaining its wide appeal, Steward Bank COO Mr. Munyaradzi Kavhu said the service does not require senders or recipients to have a bank account with Steward Bank.

“Upon collection, the recipient of the funds is simply required to present their national ID and a transaction reference number,” Kavhu said. He added that he believes the service is a solution to a real problem;

“It removes the barrier of distance and enables customers to send US dollars in real time conveniently, securely and hassle-free.”

With StewardRemit, you can send amounts as low as $5 per transaction and up to $500 per transaction, capped at $2,000 per calendar month for Steward Bank customers.

The transaction limit for non-Steward Bank walk-in users is set at a minimum of $5 per transaction and a maximum of $250 per transaction, capped at $1,000 per calendar month.