Transfer money abroad instantly and cheaply with DeeMoney

Press release DeeMoney

Looking for a better and easier way to send money abroad from Thailand? Look no further than DeeMoney! The problems people face with traditional and modern banking system is that it is expensive, opaque and usually involves many intermediaries. Before your money reaches your overseas bank account, you sometimes don’t realize how much money has been lost in exchange rates, what other hidden fees are involved. But don’t worry because we’re here to introduce you to a more affordable and transparent funding service that will make transferring money abroad much easier.

DeeMoney is Thailand’s leading and fastest growing fintech specializing in cross-border payments. The company aims to empower the fintech industry by transforming financial services to make them simpler, smoother and more transparent. DeeMoney offers you a service that will allow you to transfer funds directly to your bank account abroad, instantly and at a lower cost. In addition, this transfer service guarantees that your money will arrive in the recipient’s account within one business day of the transaction date.

The video will show you how DeeMoney handles local currency payments quickly, seamlessly and with low fees. It also covers how the financing system is different and more advantageous compared to the traditional banking system.

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