Warren County Candidates Raise and Spend More Money | Nvdaily

ByRichard C. Sloan

Oct 25, 2021

Most of the election candidates in Warren County stepped up their fundraising and campaign spending in September, according to recent state reports.

Candidates reported campaign fundraising activity during the period Sept. 1-30 in files submitted to the Virginia Department of Elections. Applicants were required to file reports for the activity period by the October 15 deadline.

Election day is November 2.

Vicky L. Cook is a candidate for the Fork Magistrate District seat on the Warren County Board of Supervisors. Cook, the Republican Party candidate for the seat, declared $ 257 in contributions, of which she identified $ 256 as an in-kind donation and as an expense. She also spent $ 116, bringing her total expenses for the period to $ 372. She started the period with $ 474, leaving her campaign with $ 102 at the end of September.

Cook faces at least two challengers running as written candidates, both of whom continue to report campaign fundraising activity.

Dale R. Moxley reported $ 1,063 in direct cash contributions. Moxley received a contribution from JR Coffee, owner of Coffee Construction at Front Royal. Moxley also donated money to his own campaign. Moxley started the period with $ 141. He spent $ 572 of the $ 1,204, leaving his campaign with $ 632 at the end of September.

Steve Foreman received $ 2,341 in contributions, including $ 1,975 in direct cash donations. The Warren County Democratic Committee gave Foreman $ 500. Linda Allen contributed an additional $ 1,000, bringing her total to $ 2,000. Foreman also received contributions from retired residents of the Front Royal area, John F. Cermak and Waller H. Wilson. Foreman declared $ 366 in unit cash contributions. Foreman entered the benchmark with $ 2,800, spent $ 2,173, leaving his campaign with $ 2,968 at the end of September.

Jerome K. “Jay” Butler appears as the only candidate on the ballot for the Happy Creek District Oversight Board seat. Butler did not report any contributions in September. He spent $ 423 and said there was $ 1.50 left in his campaign chest at the end of September.

In a special election, Melanie C. Salins and Angela Clark Robinson are running for the North River District seat on the school board. The board appointed Salins this summer after member Arnold Williams Jr. resigned.

Salins received $ 3,035 in contributions during the reporting period. The total included $ 1,150 in direct cash contributions of over $ 100 from Thomas McFadden, Michael Salins and William Shaw. Salins said in-kind contributions valued at $ 1,670 for campaign signs and other campaign-related services. Salins spent about $ 2,653 during the reporting period, leaving its campaign with $ 405 at the end of September.

Robinson declared $ 1,940 in contributions. She has received direct cash contributions of over $ 100 each totaling $ 1,250 from area residents Mark Bower, Davina Hyers, Michael Jenkins and Brenda Lockhart. Robinson reported $ 200 in un-itemized cash contributions and $ 490 in un-itemized in-kind contributions. She also reported a $ 400 loan from her husband Marcus Robinson. She spent $ 988 during the reporting period, leaving her campaign with $ 1,574.

Andrea M. Lo appears as the only candidate on the ballot for the Fork District seat on the school board. Lo reported a contribution of $ 102 from Bridget Johnson, a resident of Littleton, Colorado. Lo also received an un-itemized cash contribution of approximately $ 60. Lo’s campaign spent around $ 1,500 in September, leaving him with $ 195 at the end of the reporting period.

Antoinette D. Funk and Stephanie J. Short appear on the ballot as candidates for the Happy Creek District seat on the school board. Funk and Short have requested exemptions from reporting requirements and have agreed not to accept contributions or spend more than $ 1,000 on their campaigns.

In addition, Front Royal voters can vote in a special election for a seat on city council. Amber Faith Morris and H. Bruce Rappaport appear on the ballot. Virginia does not require candidates to file for a campaign fundraiser, given the Front Royal population.