Art and culture at NELA, July 2021

ByRichard C. Sloan

Jul 4, 2021

Famous Chicano artist Ernesto de la Loza in front of his ongoing mural on the wall of the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Highland Park. | Photo courtesy of Planned Parenthood

By Pablo Nukaya-Petralia

The arts and culture offerings at NELA in July range from public art to neon sculpture, cinema and a major new mural underway at Highland Park.

Entitled “Pansa del Publico,” this sculpture on display at LA State Historic Park is also a working beehive oven. | Picture from Clockshop

Oxy Arts x Watchmaking

saturday july 10 is your last chance to experience the use of ‘Pansa del Publico’, a sculptural object and working beehive oven by artist Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio, installed at Los Angeles State Historic Park in collaboration with Oxy Arts and Clockshop. Since May, artistic and culinary events around the oven have intrigued the public; the final event (4 p.m. to 6 p.m.) will feature chef Krissy Jingozian who will demonstrate how to prepare Armenian pastries, nazook and gata. (The pastries will be served afterwards.)

The event is free but registration is required. Register here. Pansa del Publico will remain on display at LA State Historic Park until Sunday, July 25.

Leticia Maldonado, Just a Moment, Let Me Get My Things (trumpet detail), 2021. 6mm clear glass, pumped with neon gas. | Courtesy of the artist and Bermudez Projects, Los Angeles.

Bermudez projects

A new exhibition at Bermudez Projects in Cypress Park will showcase the neon sculptures by Highland Park-based artist Leticia Maldonado. Entitled “Autonoetic,” the exhibition features objects “which contain a story, but are also repositories of energy, kept for engagement in future perspectives,” according to the exhibition’s program notes. An opening reception in person will be held at the gallery July 10 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.. no RSVP required. The exhibition runs until August 28.

Highland Park Independent Film Festival

Local filmmakers have until August 9 to participate in the 8th Annual Highland Park Independent Film Festival. The festival is looking for entries in all genres, including feature films, short films and documentaries. Several prizes are to be won: in addition to genre-specific prizes such as “Best Feature Film” or “Best Documentary”, all submissions will be eligible for “Best Photography” and “Best Musical Composition”. Learn more about the festival and how to submit here. To see how the film festival has grown and innovated over the years – without sacrificing its focus on local filmmakers and local audiences – check out our coverage of the 2020 drive-in festival and the festival in 2019, with its special honors for the festival. actor Danny Trejo, held at the traditional festival location, the Highland Theater on Figueroa St.

Photo courtesy of Tapeheads

Reading heads

Operating from a lending library-style shelf at the north end of Vincent Avenue in Eagle Rock, Tapeheads lends VCR tapes – yes, VCRs – of classic movies such as Raiders of the lost ark, the graduate and Some like it hot. Loans are free and you are welcome to “borrow, trade and steal” from the vast collection. For those who no longer own a VCR (or have never owned one), Tapeheads will loan out a TV with a built-in player for free (send them a direct message on their Instagram to be on the waiting list). A second Tapeheads shelf, aptly named “Tapeheads 2”, is available in West Los Angeles.

“Earth Mother,” a mural by Ernesto de la Loza and Sandra de la Loza, is painted on the side wall of the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Highland Park. | Photo courtesy of Planned Parenthood

A large mural takes shape in Highland Park

Work is underway on Highland Park’s new mural titled ‘Earth Mother’ by local sibling artists Ernesto de la Loza and Sandra de la Loza. Located on the side wall of the Planned Parenthood Clinic at Figueroa Street and Avenue 59, the mural was commissioned by Planned Parenthood last year after a design competition that drew 78 entries, 9 finalists and nearly 4,000 votes from community members. You can read more about the artists and their Mother Earth wall design here.

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