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Is the 690 a good credit score for a personal loan?


A credit score of 690 is within the range of good credit. If you are shopping for a personal loan and your credit score is this high then you are in good shape.

If you have a credit score of 690, lenders are more likely to approve your loan application. This does not guarantee approval as other factors come into play, including your income. That being said, a high credit score is a big plus in your favor, and 690 is way above the credit score you need for a personal loan.

You can also benefit from lower interest rates with this score, which makes a significant difference in the cost of your loan. Keep in mind that you may not be able to take advantage of the absolute lowest rates, as these are often only available to consumers with a credit score of at least 720 or 740.

To get the best possible deal on your credit score, here’s what you need to do before and during the application process.

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Make sure to check your FICO® score

Before making any loan purchases, you should know that you are checking the right type of credit score. There are two credit scoring systems:

Most of the free credit score tools that you can find online provide your VantageScore. But over 90% of major lenders review your FICO® score.

Your score can be very different under these two systems. For example, my FICO® score is typically 30 to 40 points lower than my VantageScore.

Use a free credit score tool that provides your FICO® score so you don’t have any nasty surprises when applying for a loan. Discover® Credit Scorecard and Experian CreditWorks are two tools that provide your FICO® scoreSM Basic.

Examine your credit report

Your credit report contains all of the information used to determine your credit score. There are three credit bureaus that compile these reports and calculate consumer credit scores:

  • Equifax
  • Experiential
  • TransUnion

Request credit reports from the three bureaus at AnnualCreditReport.com. You are legally entitled to a free annual report from each office, although you can currently receive a free weekly credit report until April 2022.

Check the accuracy of your reports. If you notice any credit report errors, go to the website of the office that issued it and file a dispute. Any mistake could lower your credit score. Having them withdrawn can increase your score and help you get a lower personal loan interest rate.

Rate shopping involves checking your potential loan rates with multiple lenders, and this is the most important part of applying for a loan. Even a small difference in your interest rate could save you a lot of money.

It is much easier to assess rates now as so many lenders allow you to check rates online. Start by making a list of lenders with the best personal loan deals. It is good to check the rates with at least five lenders.

Visit each lender’s site and choose the option to check the rates. To provide the rates, lenders usually only have to perform a soft credit check on you, which does not affect your credit score.

Here are the figures to consult for each lender:

  • Annual percentage rate (APR): This is the amount you will pay each year in fees. It includes the interest rate, origination fees, and all other fees included in the loan. The APR is therefore a better way to assess the total cost of a loan than the interest rate alone.
  • Loan term and monthly payment: The loan term is the amount of time you have to pay off your loan, and most personal loans have terms ranging from 12 to 60 months. If you go for a longer term, you’ll have a lower monthly payment, but you’ll also pay more interest overall.

Once you have the rates from all the lenders, you can choose one with a term and monthly payment that works for you at the lowest APR available.

Assuming you have a stable income, a credit score of 690 should be more than enough for a personal loan. If you have some spare time, it may be worthwhile to increase your credit score first. By increasing your score, you could benefit from lower rates and pay even less. But if you need a loan right away, you should still be able to get a reasonable interest rate with a score of 690.

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FormFree Announces Agreement With Lenders One To Offer Products To Its Member Base | national news


Industry leader in direct-source asset, income and employment reporting helps co-op members become more efficient and improve their lending experience

ATHENS, Georgia, August 3, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – Free Form ® today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Lenders One®, a national alliance of independent mortgage bankers and service providers, to offer its product suite to Lenders One Mortgage Co-operative. Through this relationship, FormFree will provide Lenders One members with access to automated borrower verification tools that enhance the customer experience and optimize lender business operations.

A national mortgage cooperative, Lenders One serves more than 240 banks, credit unions and independent mortgage bankers. Lenders One offers its members privileged access to a network of leading mortgage technologies, service providers and solutions. Thanks to its relationship with FormFree, members of Lenders One can now benefit from special access to Chek Account 3n1, the award-winning digital asset, income and employment reporting service.

“We are delighted to offer Lenders One members improved assembly efficiency and reduced costs per loan with special access to the AccountChek 3n1 VOA and TRACK combined reports,” said FormFree CEO Brent Chandler. “With authorized consumer access to direct source account data, 3n1 provides borrowers with a modern and simplistic lending experience while dramatically reducing the risk of fraud for lenders. “

“We are excited to add FormFree to our reseller platform,” said Justin Demola, CMB, president of Lenders One. “Our Lenders One team is looking for solutions to strengthen member businesses and create efficiencies and cost savings every day. FormFree will add tremendous value to our strong platform.

About FormFree®

FormFree® is a market-leading financial technology company whose revolutionary AccountChek® and Passport® products create a more inclusive credit decision landscape by enabling lenders to understand People’s True Payability (ATP®). To date, thousands of US lenders and brokers have ordered millions of patented audit reports from FormFree, representing billions of dollars in loan audits. FormFree delights borrowers and lenders with a paperless experience, dramatically reduces origination times, and offers automated analysis and standardized delivery to lenders and investors using a secure ReIssueKey®. For more information visit https://www.formfree.com/ or follow FormFree on LinkedIn.

About the Lenders One® cooperative

Lenders One (LendersOne.com) was established in 2000 as a national alliance of independent mortgage bankers, banks, credit unions, correspondent lenders, and providers of mortgage products and services. Participants in the Lenders One platform generated approximately $ 730 billion in mortgages in 2020, collectively ranking among the largest retail mortgage entities in the United States. Lenders One is managed by a subsidiary of Altisource Portfolio Solutions SA.

Twitter: @LendersOne @RealFormFree @Altisource #mortgageindustry #fintech #digitalmortgage


This press release has been issued on behalf of the information source (FormFree) which is solely responsible for its accuracy, by Send2Press® press wire. Information is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed. Story ID: 73957 APDF-R8.2

© 2021 Send2Press®, a press release and electronic marketing service of NEOTROPE®, California, United States.

To see the original version, visit: https://www.send2press.com/wire/formfree-announces-agreement-with-lenders-one-to-offer-products-to-member-base/

Disclaimer: The contents of this press release were not created by The Associated Press (AP).

Copyright 2021 Send2Press Press wire

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Bundled commercial real estate loans hit sales record


Sales of securities backed by riskier commercial real estate loans hit a record high, highlighting investor demand for higher yielding debt and expectations of a recovery in commercial real estate.

Loan bonds secured by commercial real estate are created by private real estate investors. In these deals, lenders sell debt and equity to provide short-term loans to borrowers who are renovating commercial properties, especially multi-family dwellings. Money from interest payments and principal from the bridge loan pool goes to bondholders, while any remaining cash goes to stockholders.

Bridge loans are typically made to changing properties, such as empty or run-down apartment buildings, and the renovations they finance may not pay off as quickly as expected, leading to late payments and defaults. . As a result, CRE CLOs are offering relatively high payouts at a time when many investors continue to expect commercial properties to rebound more after the pandemic.

Firms such as Benefit Street Partners and TPG Capital sold $ 24.5 billion of CRE CLO this year through July 31, according to Trepp. This is already an annual record for data going back to 2014, breaking the previous record of $ 19 billion in 2019.

This year’s record sales are a reversal from 2020, when closures linked to the Covid-19 pandemic caused some borrowers to delay renovations or skip interest payments, raising default rates. Issuance of new commercial mortgage-backed securities fell to its lowest total since 2017, around $ 65 billion.

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ED probes payment gateways to allow Indians to transfer money to Chinese betting apps


Representation image

New Delhi: Multipls Indian payment gateway companies came under the control of the Enforcement Directorate (ED) under the Money Laundering Prevention Act for allowing Indian customers to transfer money to Chinese betting applications. According to surveys, several Indians were betting on Chinese apps and the money was transferred to the Cayman Islands, the Economic times mentioned in a report.

Any payment made by Indians on an app or wallet must be routed through a payment gateway. This would be the first time that the ED has triggered the 2002 Money Laundering Prevention Act or PMLA against payment gateway companies.

Investigators found that the payment gateway companies had apparently embarked on Chinese apps and allegedly authorized processing without due diligence. Investigators are investigating the role of Razorpay, the unicorn of Bengaluru, in the Chinese betting enforcement case.

Detectives questioned the company about how it allowed Indians to bet on the Chinese app and whether their internal systems had triggered red flags. Other payment gateway companies such as Cashfree, PayTM, Bill Desk and Infibeam Avenues have also been reviewed by ED.

However, they found that either these companies did not allow such truncations, or in cases where some of them did allow them, the number was limited to one or two transactions, people familiar with the matter said. evolution.

“Some of our traders were under investigation by the ED in Bengaluru. We have fully cooperated and shared all the required information. The authorities were satisfied with our due diligence protocols, ”said a spokesperson for Cashfree.

“We had categorically informed ED that we had not integrated such merchants due to our rigorous merchant verification system. We perform extensive transaction-level checks through advanced FRISK systems using AI and machine learning and we immediately dismiss any suspicious traders, ”said a spokesperson for Infibeam. Razorpay, PayTm, and Bill Desk did not respond to an ET request sent on Friday.

In accordance with the regulations, payment gateways are required to exercise due diligence before processing any transaction in order to avoid money laundering and slow down transactions in accordance with the guidelines of the Indian Foreign Exchange Management Act.

ED polls Indian payment gateways to see if they made any money from the whole episode. If they did, the proceeds could be interpreted as “proceeds of crime”. Investigators also asked Binance Holdings if it had a role in the investigation into the betting applications, Bloomberg reported on June 11.

Incorporated in the Cayman Islands, Binance has faced regulatory crackdown as countries step up scrutiny of the industry over concerns that cryptocurrencies could be used to conceal the proceeds of money laundering, drug trafficking. and terrorism, according to the report.

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EXPLAINER-How China Evergrande’s Debt Problems Pose Systemic Risk


HONG KONG, July 27 (Reuters) – Financial woes at China’s most indebted real estate developer, China Evergrande Group, have sparked new concerns over credit defaults in the country’s heavily indebted real estate sector and wider contagion.

The developer has not defaulted on interest payments, but concerns persist about its financial health as Beijing steps up restrictions on the sector to contain bubble risks. Evergrande shares have lost 65% since last September, when sources told Reuters they asked the government to help it avoid a cash shortage.

S&P downgraded its Evergrande ratings two notches to B- versus B + on Monday, further weakening its access to financing and raising doubts about its ability to reduce debt.


Founded in 1996 by President Hui Ka Yan in the southern city of Guangzhou, Evergrande has accelerated its growth over the past decade to become China’s second-largest real estate developer with $ 110 billion in sales last year.

The company was listed in Hong Kong in 2009, giving it better access to the capital and debt market to increase its asset size to $ 355 billion today. It has more than 1,300 developments across the country, many in lower-tier cities.

With domestic sales growth slowing in recent years, Evergrande has also branched out into non-real estate businesses, such as electric cars, football, insurance and bottled water.


Investors became concerned after a letter leaked in September showed Evergrande sought government support to approve a now-abandoned backdoor listing plan, warning it was facing a cash shortage.

Concerns escalated after Evergrande admitted in June that it failed to pay certain commercial bills on time, and a Chinese court last week froze a $ 20 million bank deposit held by the company. at the request of Guangfa Bank.

Evergrande’s rapid expansion over the years has been fueled by debt. It aggressively raised loans to support its land-buying frenzy and sold apartments quickly despite low margins to kickstart the cycle.

The company said its interest-bearing debt stood at 570 billion yuan ($ 88.2 billion) at the end of June, from a peak of 835.5 billion yuan a year earlier as it stepped up its operations. debt reduction efforts.

Total liabilities, which include debts, however, stood at 1.95 trillion yuan at the end of 2020, representing 10.5% of the total liabilities of 45 real estate developers, ANZ estimated in a report.

In addition to the usual banking and bond channels, the developer has come under fire for tapping into the less regulated shadow banking market, including trusts, wealth management products and commercial paper.


Evergrande stepped up efforts to reduce debt last year after regulators introduced caps on three debt ratios dubbed the “three red lines” policy. He said he aimed to meet all requirements by the end of next year.

Evergrande has given buyers significant discounts for its residential developments and has sold the bulk of its commercial properties to increase its cash flow. Since the second half of 2020, it has completed a secondary stock sale of $ 555 million, raising $ 1.8 billion by listing its property management unit in Hong Kong, while its EV unit has sold a stake of $ 3.4 billion to new investors.

It unveiled earlier this year its plan to split up three unlisted units – the online real estate and auto market Fangchebao, as well as theme parks and spring water businesses – in order to free up more capital. Fangchebao has already raised $ 2.1 billion in a pre-IPO in March.


China’s central bank noted in its 2018 financial stability report that companies, including Evergrande, could pose systemic risks to the country’s financial system.

Evergrande’s liabilities relate to more than 128 banks and more than 121 non-bank institutions, according to the letter. JPMorgan estimated last week that China Minsheng Bank has the most exposure in Evergrande.

Late payments could trigger cross defaults, as many financial institutions are exposed to Evergrande through direct loans and indirect holdings through different financial instruments.

In the dollar bond market, Evergrande accounts for 4% of high Chinese real estate yields, according to DBS. Any default will also trigger massive sales in the high yield credit market. A collapse of Evergrande will have a significant impact on the labor market. It employs 200,000 people and hires 3.8 million people each year for project development.

$ 1 = 6.4658 Chinese yuan Editing by Sumeet Chatterjee and Jacqueline Wong

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Financial Fair Play friendly transfer expense £ 225million, midfielder agent travels for talks – Man City’s daily transfer tally – # 40


From the seemingly endless search for an attacker to the pursuit of sales from fringe players, City Xtra are here as always to take a closer look at the last 24 hours of Manchester City transfer news.

In our 40th edition, there are new mentions of Inter’s Romelu Lukaku, the latest on the much-publicized pursuit of Harry Kane and Jack Grealish, as well as important developments in the sale of Ivan Ilic to Hellas Verona.

Let’s start …


Romelu Lukaku – Rumor Rating: 4

With Manchester City’s pursuit of Harry Kane becoming increasingly painful over time, the club may be considering alternative options for the forward.

With Sergio Aguero’s departure leaving a huge hole in the scorers’ standings, the club appear ready to spend a lot of money to get their man.

One of those potential alternatives is Inter Milan star Romelu Lukaku.

The Belgian was a key cog in Inter’s Serie A winning machine – scoring 24 goals in 36 league appearances, and with revelations this summer that the Serie A club will have to sell high-income players for Heading off the looming financial woes, the club could be open to offers for their prolific striker.

However, reports from Calciomercato, translated and relayed by Sport Witness, revealed that while Manchester City has’showed interest‘in Romelu Lukaku, only’sensational offers‘more than 100 million euros will prompt the Milan club to consider selling it. As it stands, there haven’t been any offers in this area of ​​City or any other club.

My rumor rating of “4” may be higher than expected.

However, with Manchester City’s apparent reluctance to spend £ 150million, or more, on Harry Kane, Lukaku could become the next best option for Pep Guardiola in his search for the club’s next goal machine.

READ MORE: Harry Kane believes in possible summer transfer from Man City

READ MORE: Man City’s first official 21/22 away shirt leaked

Harry Kane / Jack Grealish – Rumored Rating: 5

Although Manchester City have been back in the news regarding potential financial fair play issues in recent days, the club appear keen to continue their pursuit of Harry Kane and Jack Grealish.

Premier League champions’keep hope‘that they can make the two deals before the end of August, according to the Sun’s Martin Blackburn.

Most reports suggest it could cost the Premier League champions up to £ 225million to secure the services of the two England stars. Revelations have come and gone, most of which seem to contradict each other.

Jack Grealish is apparently just as close to signing a new deal with Aston Villa as he is to signing with the Etihad club. Harry Kane thinks he has a ‘gentleman’s agreement‘with Tottenham to let him go this summer, but the club have publicly reiterated the fact that he will not be sold.

However, regarding the captain of Aston Villa, the word of Athletic’s Sam Lee is a deal for Jack Grealish now at ‘an advanced stage‘.

It will make Manchester City fans happy to know that the new allegations against the club for violating the FFP protocol will not prevent the Etihad hierarchy from pursuing their goals.


Ivan Ilic – Rumor Rating: 9

The young Serbian is one of many Manchester City ‘marginal players‘which will be sold this summer to raise funds for the club’s major targets.

For now, Manchester City have already raised around £ 50million from player sales alone, with a further £ 50million expected to arrive before the transfer window ends.

Ivan Ilic impressed his loan club Hellas Verona throughout his temporary stint at the club last season – so much so that the Serie A club are now ready to pull the trigger on a permanent deal.

According to TuttoMercato, the midfielder’s agent is in Italy this week to discuss his client’s transfer. Manchester City will bear costs of £ 10million but the required fees are expected to be met.

A transfer rumor of ‘9’ will be the highest of the day as this deal looks almost over. With Manchester City keen to sell players of the Ilic mold, the club are unlikely to haggle any negotiations.

READ MORE: Why Man City chose not to move for Nuno Mendes

READ MORE: Man City’s intentions with Harry Kane after £ 160million fee denial

Yangel Herrera – Rumor Rating: 8

Herrera has garnered a lot of interest in recent years and is the main player to sell for Manchester City to raise funds for their big targets like Jack Grealish and Harry Kane.

As a player clearly worthy of playing in top European football, but not quite ready to be a regular member of Pep Guardiola’s squad, it is time for the club to part ways with the Venezuelan.

According to Stuart brennan of Manchester Evening News, Herrera is wanted by ‘lots of clubs‘from across the continent, including teams from England. According to reports, Spanish champions Atletico Madrid love the midfielder.

The Premier League club are said to hold £ 20million for the talented South American – a significant sum of money coming in to add to their steadily growing pot of money this summer.

My rumored ‘8’ rating is sufficient in this case, as Herrera appears to have a ton of suitors, and £ 20million for a man who could lead a club’s midfielder for years to come. is not a huge amount of money.

Arijanet Muric – Rumor Rating: 6.5

Our final report for the day is about a goalkeeper who has shown so much promise at one point, but now sparks Turkey’s interest – with a move away from the Etihad more likely than a future at the club.

According to information from journalist Salim Manav, Adana Demirspor takes an interest in Manchester City goalkeeper Arijanet Muric.

While there is currently no further information on the nature of the interest, the Premier League club will most likely seek a loan deal, but a minimal transfer fee could be attractive given this summer’s strategy. .

You can follow us for live updates here: @City_Xtra

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Credit Suisse appoints Goldman Executive as Chief Risk Officer of Post-Archegos


Credit Suisse Group AG has hired a senior executive from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. as chief risk officer, as part of an effort to better control risk after losing the investment firm’s $ 5.5 billion family Archegos Capital Management.

David Wildermut, former deputy director of risk at Goldman, will join the executive board and succeed Joachim Oechslin, who was temporarily in the position. Former Credit Suisse chief risk officer Lara Warner was kicked out in April after the loss of Archegos and the separate collapse of a financial partner, Greensill Capital.

Some banks that were also exposed to Archegos, including Goldman Sachs, emerged from family office positions unscathed, at least in part because they had more advanced risk management systems. The new president of Credit Suisse, António Horta-Osório, is committed to improving the bank’s risk management and is also reviewing its strategy and culture.

Mr. Wilderuth has been with Goldman since 1997 and has held leadership positions in the US and UK, including as Director of Risk for Europe and Global Director of Credit. He was appointed partner in 2010. Credit Suisse announced that he would start in February at the latest. Mr. Oechslin will then return to his former role as strategic advisor to Credit Suisse CEO Thomas Gottstein.

Mr. Horta-Osório said Mr. Wildermuth would help shape Credit Suisse’s risk management framework, which he called an essential part of the bank’s “strategic realignment”. The president said he would announce the outcome of the review later in 2021. Some analysts expect this to include cuts in the size and operations of the investment bank to make it more secure, as well. an overhaul of the overall structure of Credit Suisse in all divisions and regions.

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NOTICE | SAVE YOURSELF: Stop procrastinating: Organize your finances


It’s time to get organized financially, and believe me it is an effort at all levels.

I am very comfortable with the division of labor when it comes to money. We live in a busy world, and one spouse who takes money doesn’t mean the other is by default selfless or voluntarily avoiding chores. There is too much for a couple to deal with, especially with jobs and family, so if a spouse or partner raises their hand to deal with finances, from paying bills to investing for retirement. , we call it – managed.

The problem comes when there is a money communication division.

Except for ordering passports, the times we need to know things or get our hands on important papers like birth certificates or find that power of attorney or hunt down a life insurance policy, we are often in trouble. crisis. If we are the spouse who knows where everything is, no problem. But if we are the spouse in the dark, it can be a big deal.

[Video not showing up above? Click here to watch » https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aOdPIpOxiM]

This type of communication about money is different and in many ways easier than communicating about how and how much to save and how to invest the savings. Think of it as the logistics of money.

Susie Smith, a banking executive, saw the fallout from avoiding money logistics, especially for widowed and divorced women. She thinks spouses should meet semi-annually about their money. According to her, “Financial knowledge gives you peace of mind in addition to building trust between partners. I encourage each couple to regularly review their financial bases together ”.

Get into the weeds in the discussion. Who do we do business with for insurance or investment? How do you pay the bills? Do you write a check for this invoice? Is it written automatically? Are you using a credit card? Does this utility or lender communicate with you via email? In case of emergency, how to access your mailbox? Do I have an authorization on the account?

You could stop here. You can see the scenery, take some notes, and get on each other’s agenda six months from now. But what if you took it a step further and organized yourself together?

Serious disclaimer. Remember, I am a recent inductee to the Neat and Tidy Life Club. Although I can claim this title, it has been a fierce 40-year battle. All that to say that I am not naturally organized. Maybe it’s less of a warning and more of a promise. If I can find a way to hack ten years as a financially organized married person, then so can you.

My business partner, Tim Quillin, has developed an order of priority for the logistics of money called “PPOW” (passwords, papers, property and will / trust), and I recommend that you work on the list during each. of your biannual meetings (or get it out right away!).

  1. Passwords. As Susie Smith reminded me, in the past you could get away with not knowing what bills needed to be paid or where to find life insurance policies and investment accounts because they came in the mail. Think of it like paper bread crumbs. But we are in a largely paperless world where dreaded passwords come into play. If your spouse has a password keeper, there is your digital version of breadcrumbs.

All you need to do is get the master password from the password keeper. (Note to self: never lose it.)

When you log in, you can see every financial institution, credit card, and subscription in one place.

Go get a note and write the password on that note during your meeting. Then place it in front of the notepad you’re about to get for step 2. If you don’t have a password manager, I recommend Last Pass, but there are plenty of them. ‘excellent, like 1Password and Dashlane. Took about 2 years to get all of our passwords in Last Pass but now that they’re here my god it’s practically a religious experience just to open up the program and see all the passwords (correct) of every website I have to enter.

  1. Papers. Gather your important papers and put them in a notebook. Believe me, it doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect. I have a few tabs to make it easier to find, and they are: insurance (car, home, life), financial assets (savings and chequing accounts, retirement accounts, brokerage accounts, etc.), home (mortgage, deed , various guarantees), car (title, loan documents), important documents (birth certificates, social security cards, notarial will, health care power of attorney, power of attorney, etc.), then miscellaneous. Once you have your tabs, buy some clear protectors and go to town. Remember, for the most part, all you need is breadcrumbs. For example, of course, it would be nice to have your real auto insurance policy, but if all you have right now is just last month’s premium bill, add it in there. You can always replace it later. This notepad will only get better and more accurate over time.

One of the biggest questions people ask themselves is which mail to keep?

Most must be shredded or thrown away. People don’t have the problem to keep too little. They keep too much. Then it’s harder to find what’s important. With this system, you can simply replace returns as they arrive, using the transparent sheet protectors to make this task easier. And now you have the added benefit of eliminating that “pile” that you will surely come to “someday”.

Where to put the financial book? Yes, of course you can do that perfectly and buy the fireproof document storage. But the question to ask yourself is how likely is it that you will act quickly on this task? Also, what is the probability that a fire or a theft destroys this laptop? I am less concerned with the destruction of the notebook than with its loss. So I chose a shelf in my house for my nondescript notebook and told two family members where to find it. We are not moving it. Again, I’m less worried about someone stealing it or being destroyed than if someone can’t get their hands on it in an emergency.

  1. The possession. What are your accounts called? This is not legal advice, but many estate planners recommend that you try to get both of your names on the accounts when possible. Update beneficiaries on retirement accounts. Of the 529s, consider taking an extra step to appoint a successor account owner.

  2. Will or confidence. Make an appointment with a lawyer and just call him treated. Sure, they’re asking you to think about some pretty heartbreaking things, but we have to. I see parents agonizing over some of the questions about where children should live if something happens to them and a number of little details. All the while, the most dangerous reality is that in the months or years of indecision that pass, they cede all thoughtful decision-making to people who know their children less than they do while those wills or trusts. are retarded for perfection. To have. It. Ended.

“PPOW” all that. As soon as you have finished your cup of coffee and / or that column, turn to your spouse and ask to get a date on the calendar. Eliminate distractions, book a babysitter, and have your first business-side meeting of your life.

Sarah Catherine Gutierrez is Founder, Partner and CEO of Aptus Financial in Little Rock. She is also the author of the book “But First, Save 10: The One Simple Money Move That Will Change Your Life”, published by Et Alia Press. Contact her at sc@aptusfinancial.com.

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Sancho move CONFIRMED, “Direct contact” established with Varane, United targeting Leon Goretzka



United have reportedly reached an agreement in principle to sign Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane.

The 28-year-old center-back has negotiated a deal with the Premier League giants in what would be one of the biggest signings of the summer.

According to Téléfoot, it remains only Real and United to agree on transfer fees for the French defender.

Man Utd are reportedly offering fees of around £ 43million, but Madrid are expecting more than £ 50million.

Meanwhile, Donny van de Beek wants to stay at Old Trafford and fight for his place, according to reports.

The 24-year-old has struggled since joining the club in August 2020, having made just 19 Premier League appearances.

According to the Manchester Evening News, van de Beek will snub the interest of Spain, Italy and Germany to keep his United dream alive.

The Netherlands international has been linked with a move abroad this summer after a difficult first season in England.

Most of van de Beek’s appearances at United to date have been off the bench as he failed to carve out a spot for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side.

Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Roma and Juventus have all been linked with the midfielder in recent months.

And finally, Andreas Pereira has revealed his desire to return to Lazio after taking advantage of a loan from Rome last season.

He told GianlucaDiMarzio.com: “I would like to go back to Biancoceleste [Lazio] if they gave me more time. Rome could be my definitive home, I had a great time.

“I like the style of play and the team spirit that exists in Serie A. Lazio has priority in my heart. But your country has won me over, why not come back one day if the opportunity presents itself ? “

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Woman says $ 1,100 was fraudulently transferred from her PayPal account; 5 Investigates helps him get his money back


COLORADO SOUTH – Imagine logging into one of your financial accounts and finding out that the money you had there is gone.

This is exactly what happened to Karen Clive after checking her PayPal balance and noticing that over $ 1,100 had been transferred to someone else’s bank account.

After battling with PayPal to investigate the alleged fraud, she reached out to News 5 Investigates for help — and we’re getting answers and results.

Clive says that before contacting News 5, she fought for several weeks for PayPal to investigate a fraudulent money transfer that occurred.


Karen Clive speaks with Chief Investigative Journalist Eric Ross

“I called PayPal and they told me I transferred the money to Bank of America,” Clive said. “I said I didn’t have a Bank of America account.”

Clive’s claim to Paypal’s dispute resolution team was dismissed, as were the appeals that followed.

“Within 10 minutes of filing a claim, I get an email saying they’ve rejected the claim and everything looks fine,” Clive said.

Clive produced emails from Paypal showing that the company was continuing to rule against his appeals.

“We have completed our review of your case of unauthorized activity and have determined that there has been no unauthorized use,” PayPal told Clive in an email.

Clive thought PayPal’s customer service wasn’t taking her case seriously, so she reached out to our investigation unit for help.

“I called you because I’m watching KOAA,” Clive said. “I love channel 5.”

News 5 Investigates contacted PayPal with questions about Clive’s case — and within 24 hours of sending a formal email request, PayPal conducted another review of the case and overturned its decision initial.

Pay Pal

NBC News

PayPal mobile app

“Thanks for contacting,” said a spokesperson for Paypal. “Our dedicated customer support team has reviewed this case and contacted Ms. Clive with an update on her account. The review of her dispute is complete and her account has been reinstated.”

After verifying his account, the $ 1,127 had been returned.

“I appreciate your attention and concern,” Clive said. “You take care of your people.”

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