Restaurants alleviate labor shortage issues with new Cut + Dry technology that cuts supplier ordering times by 50%


SAN FRANCISCO – (COMMERCIAL THREAD)–Today, Cut + Dry announced the nationwide availability of its free, fast, and cost-effective app. The technology is a one-of-a-kind, unified ordering and payment platform that allows restaurants to order any product from any supplier, pay any business by wire transfer or credit card and earn cash rewards direct from the manufacturers. Early adopters include Los Angeles-based Massis Kabob and Bay Area favorites Burma Superstar, Trick Dog and Coupa Café, who say they’ve cut ordering time in half, saving thousands of man-hours by year.

The average restaurant orders from four to eight unique suppliers, often daily. This time-consuming, multi-step, per-supplier process involves ordering, receiving, coding, expense tracking, and accounting, which are split among various staff members, resulting in communication issues, errors, and food waste. . The multiple locations only further complicate the ordering task for managers.

Cut + Dry’s ordering function brings greater transparency and efficiency to the tedious, time-consuming and error-prone purchase order process by digitizing what was previously handled by spreadsheets, clipboards, phones, SMS or faxes. The app provides a permanent digital record of orders, allowing teams to efficiently submit orders, record deliveries, chat with vendor representatives, scan invoices, request credits, reconcile with accounting and follow price fluctuations.

Coupa Café, a fast-growing chain of casual cafes and bakeries in the heart of Silicon Valley, found itself swamped with overhead costs related to orders for their eight locations. Co-owner Jean Paul “JP” Coupal has joined forces with Cut + Dry to streamline operations. “I’m in Silicon Valley, a stone’s throw from Stanford University, and fifteen people order supplies the same way my grandfather would have ordered things. I knew there had to be a better way.” , Coupal said. “We spent at least two hours a day per location handling orders. The minimum wage is $ 15 in California, so with eight locations it felt like we had three full-time employees just doing data entry. Cut + Dry has helped cut that in half, saving thousands each year. ”

In addition to making the ordering process easier, Cut + Dry’s Pay + Dry feature allows restaurants to pay any bill via ACH or credit card, even when cards are not accepted. The platform is the only free restaurant technology solution and puts money back in the pockets of independent restaurateurs with Cut + Dry Cash. This unique feature identifies eligible products and automatically deposits cash rewards, directly from brands and manufacturers, into a digital wallet that can be withdrawn or used in Pay.

Cut + Dry has partnered with the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association (IFMA) to provide its members, which include the world’s largest food producers, direct access to independent restaurant chefs and buyers. Larry Oberkfell, President and CEO of IFMA, said, “Technology is radically changing our industry in ways we never could have imagined. Cut + Dry is a perfect example of a solution that completely changes our paradigm for how food service operators and suppliers work together. Suppliers can now interact directly with restaurants and other operators in a transparent manner, which has led us to introduce Cut + Dry to our members.

About Cut + Dry

Founded in 2019, Cut + Dry is a free app that allows independent restaurants to order any product from any supplier, pay anyone by wire transfer or credit card, and earn rewards by cash along the way. The company was created by the management team who founded CAKE and BuzzTable, acquired by Sysco (SYY), and subsequently helped create Sysco LABS, which drives the majority of Sysco’s internal and customer-facing technology solutions. . Cut + Dry is available for all independent restaurants in the United States. For more information or to create a free account, please visit

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